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DivXLand Media Subtitler translations

Here you can download language files to add or complete a translation for DivXLand Media Subtitler.

Translation status for latest version

This is the translation status for the program interface, the new Help file, and the program's Web page.

Language Program Help Website Translator
Arabic Arash Soltani
Bulgarian Riptor
Catalan Manuel Soler
Chinese Google Translate
Croatian Rancher
Czech Johnny Whatever
Danish Morten Brix
Dutch Maarten Schellekens, Ernesto Monpellier
Finnish NeFer, VeikkoM
French LuckyWeb, Mésange
German Michael Brestrich
Greek Βασιλική, Orestis Glavas
Hungarian Csaba Lehel
Indonesian Lee, Shofyan Khasani
Italian Stefano Pessina, Giona Fumasoli
Japanese Tsukasa Takao
Kazakh Sarsenov Dauren
Norwegian Simen Udnes
Persian Mansour Mokaryan
Portugese (Portugal) Fábio César Schuartz
Portuguese (Brazil) Ricardo Cristofolini, Ivan Fonseca Souza
Romanian Alexus Tetea, George Alexandru
Russian FT-Studio, Монахов Павел
Serbian Rancher
Slovenian Prevodi Aljaž Kolar
Swedish Björn Lindström, Emil Björnfot
Thai Sri Thammaraj

Add New Language

  • To submit a translation for the program, download this file and follow the instructions inside.
  • To submit a translation for the help file, download this file and follow the instructions inside.
  • To submit a translation for the webpage, download this file and follow the instructions inside.

Complete or Update a Translation

  • To complete an existing translation, select the desired language in the program's Language and Encoding settings, click the Complete this translation link (if available) and follow the instructions inside the generated language file.
  • To make corrections to any translation, the website, or the help file, please contact us to tell us exactly what language should be corrected and send us the proper translation phrase.

When adding / editing a language, please save the file using the Unicode or UTF-8 encoding.

Why are translations important?

In order to make software more accessible to millions of users around the world, program translations and internationalization support are an essential feature.

DivXLand Media Subtitler can be entirely translated to practically any language, and despite we have received many translations as soon as the program was released on 2003, we are always looking to add more languages and correct and complete the current translations.

If your native language is other than english, but you can understand it perfectly, we encourage you to help translating the program to your native language and make the software more accessible to people in your country.

If you have questions or suggestions regarding translations, please contact us.