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SVCD (Super Video CD)

SVCD (SVCD logoSuper Video CD) is a digital format for storing video on standard compact discs. SVCD was intended as a successor to Video CD and an alternative to DVD-Video, and falls somewhere between both in terms of technical capability and picture quality. Although SVCDs proved more sophisticated than VCDs, the format ironically remains in the latter's shadow.

Technical Specifications

SVCDs are authored (or burned) using the CD-ROM mode 2/XA format, allowing roughly 800 megabytes of data to be stored on one 80 minute CD (versus 700 megabytes when using mode 1). One CD can hold up to 35 minutes of full quality SVCD-format video and audio.

SCVD Video Format

  • Codec: MPEG-2
  • Resolution: 480x480 (NTSC) / 480x576 (PAL/SECAM)
  • Aspect ratio: 4:3 / 16:9
  • Framerate: 29.97 (NTSC) / 25 (PAL/SECAM)
  • Bit rate: Up to 2.6 megabits per second (constant or variable)