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OGM was a multimedia container format that allowed to hold audio streams (generally in Vorbis format), video streams (generally DivX or XviD) and subtitles, on a single file.

In 2002, the lack of formal video support in Ogg resulted in the creation of the OGM file format, a hack on Ogg that allowed embedding of video from the Microsoft DirectShow framework into an Ogg-based wrapper.

OGM was initially supported only by closed source Windows-only tools, but the code base was subsequently opened. Later, video (and subtitle) support were formally specified for Ogg but in a manner incompatible with OGM.

Eventually, the Matroska (MKV) container format reached maturity and provided another alternative for people interested in combining Vorbis audio and arbitrary video codecs. As a result OGM is no longer supported or developed and is formally discouraged by Xiph.org. Today, video in Ogg is found with the .ogv file extension, which is formally specified and officially supported.