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A DVD+R is a recordable optical disc. It is similar to, but incompatible with, the older DVD-R standard. A DVD+R is a write-once optical disc with 4.7 gigabytes (GB) of storage, generally used for non-volatile data storage or video applications.

The DVD+R format was developed by a coalition of corporations in mid-2002. The DVD+R format competes with the DVD-R format, which is developed by the DVD Forum. The DVD Forum initially did not approve of the DVD+R format and claimed that the DVD+R format was not an official DVD format until January 25, 2008.

As of 2012, the recordable DVD market still shows little sign of settling down in favor of either +/- format. Since almost all new DVD writers can record to both formats, this is not an issue for most people. When creating DVDs for distribution (where the playing unit is unknown or older), using the DVD-R format is preferable, because most older (up to 2004) standalone DVD video players and DVD ROM drives cannot read discs in the later DVD+R format.