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DivXLand Bitrate Calculator

This is the first program released by DivXLand.org, and with it you can calculate the audio and video bit-rates for encoding DivX and XviD movies with a specific target file size, maximizing your video quality and reducing the wasted free space in your CDs and DVDs.


  • Compatible with all DivX and XviD codec versions
  • Support for MP3 constant/variable bitrate, WMA, AC3 and WAV audio formats
  • Simple and clear interface, freeware
  • Multi-language interface, with system language auto-detection


DivXLand Bitrate Calculator

Download DivXLand Bitrate Calculator

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2.9 529 KB February 26, 2009 Freeware Download

This program is Freeware. ©2003-2021 Andrés Zsögön for DivXLand.org.

  • Compatibility: Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
  • Requirements: Microsoft Visual Basic 6 runtime libraries
  • Languages: English Spanish Portuguese French German Italian Hungarian Dutch Romanian Russian Czech Finnish Norwegian Polish Bosnian Bulgarian Farsi Vietnamese

To submit a new translation, go to the Options » Language » Submit Translation menu item. Please follow the instructions inside the opened translation file to create and send us a new language file.

Webmaster Resources

You can freely list and distribute DivXLand Bitrate Calculator on your website.

Recommended Settings

The minimal recommended settings for achieving an acceptable audio and video quality are as follows:

  • MP3 audio with constant bitrate, 96 to 192 kbps. Using the MP3 codec maximizes compatibility. Using constant bitrate mode allows easy edition of the video file.
  • Avoid video bitrates lower than 720 kbps to prevent compression glitches and artifacts.
  • Avoid resolutions lower than 640 horizontal pixels, unless the source video is already smaller.

Since the bitrate used for the DivX codec usually creates files smaller than the predicted size, the Alternative mode (DivX 5) was added to the Options menu, wich increments the calculated bitrate slightly for a more accurate estimation.

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