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VirtualDub subtitler filter

This subtitle filter is for embedding external SSA subtitle files into AVI video files, using VirtualDub.

VirtualDub subtitler filter 2.4 download details
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Updated:September 30, 2003
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Extended Description

Use this filter for embedding external subtitle files created by DivXLand Media Subtitler into your AVI video files. The filter only supports SSA (SubStationAlpha) subtitle format.

To use the filter, load the subtitle and movie files into DivXLand Media Subtitler and go to the File > Embed Subtitles menu. You can do the process manually using this guide as well.

VirtualDub filters can be loaded manually by clicking on the Load button that appears in the Add Filters dialog box.  They can also be automatically loaded at startup if you copy the .vdffile into a pluginssubdirectory under the VirtualDub program directory.  It is possible, although unusual, for filters to conflict with each other, so if you have problems with a particular filter chain you might want to try testing each filter individually to narrow the scope of the problem.


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